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Our wellness program provides you with customized nutrition planning and a dedicated coach to help guide you through the process of developing a better relationship with food and fueling your body for performance. Working with a coach helps provide accountability and support as you achieve all your health goals.

Lisa's Story

"Although I’ve been a member of OSCF since it’s beginnings, crossfitting here for over 7 years, and thinking I was eating fairly healthily, my 55-year-old body got used to that, and it needed a jolt. In January 2018, I looked and felt like that Before picture, and had to hit the reset button on my nutrition and fitness. I needed a little extra help to do that. I knew a lot of members had success with counting macros, and decided I’d give that a try. I needed to have the formula correct for my age, weight, fitness level, and weight goals. I had Coach Ryan help me with calculating my correct macro formula, and started to see results almost immediately! I also stepped up my workouts, adding a couple of extra classes to my 4-day workout schedule, including 3 days of double-sessions of weightlifting, crossfit workouts, and boot camps. The macro method worked for me because it allows me to eat well, fueling my body for the intense workouts we do, while still putting me at a calorie deficit to lose weight, without having to count calories! Coach Ryan’s help, support, and accountability, got me back on track, and today, almost a year later, I am down about 43lbs, over 20+ inches, and feel stronger and better than I have in years! I still have my old arthritic parts all over the place, that sometimes limit what I can do, but the beauty of crossfit and boot camp is that it is all scalable and modifiable to anyone’s abilities! My goals may not be the same as our elite competitors, but I’m able to work out right alongside them, and that feels awesome! Look at my face in the After picture -- need I say more?! :)"



Ashley's Story

"I started working with Ryan 8 months ago and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Not only has the number on the scale dropped but I’ve cut inches everywhere including close to 6 inches around my waist and dropped my body fat by 6%. I’ve PR’d several lifts and feel great during workouts. I sleep better and have way more energy then I did before. Seeing results is a huge motivation factor and I’m excited to see what next!"


Nichole's Story

"I have been working with Ryan since returning to the gym after having a baby.  After I had my baby, I gained all the weight I originally lost when starting at OSCF, plus some extra weight. My lack of self-confidence, self-doubt, and anxiety was at an all-time high because I gained all the weight back that I worked so hard to lose.  Being introduced to Ryan was a true blessing.  We started a weight loss journey together, but it turned into a recovery for my mental state of mind and physical well-being.  I have gained so much knowledge about how to eat properly to achieve a better lifestyle for me and my family.  Since starting with Ryan I have lost 25 pounds, close to 25.25inches, and 9.94% body fat.

Ryan has a great knowledge of how to incorporate macro counting into your daily life, that it does not feel like an added chore.  He is fantastic at providing insight if you are struggling with hitting your daily target, or goal in general.  I ran into issues with getting bored with my food, I thought if I kept it the same, I would have better results, but that wasn’t the case for me. Ryan gave excellent suggestions on macro friendly food, that was very tasty and satisfying to any cravings I may have had.  As if his knowledge is not enough, there is the bonus of his uplifting personality and constant encouragement. With Ryan in your corner, you truly feel like you can and will achieve whatever goals you may have for a healthier lifestyle."



Danielle's Story

"Seeing Ryan and figuring out my macro numbers was the best thing I did for myself in 2018. My body fat percentage dropped within weeks and more importantly I felt amazing. The physical changes were amazing but the best part is I’m sleeping better and I have so much more energy throughout the day. Thanks again Ryan!"


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