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Boot Camp + Core


  • The goal of CrossFit: General Physical Preparedness

  • Functional Movements

  • The class workout camaraderie

  • Hands-on instruction from dedicated coaches

  • Longer, cardio-style workout routines

And you are NOT INTERESTED in:

  • Heavy weightlifting

  • Advanced gymnastics

  • Advance Olympic lifts

  • Short interval sprint workouts

  • Competitive or scored workouts

Then our Boot Camp and Core program is for you!

With classes offered in the morning and evening, Monday-Friday, and classes on Sunday, our schedule will fit into your lifestyle, and get you working towards your goals! You do not have to worry about advanced weightlifting, lifts beyond 50% of your 1 Rep Max (nothing too heavy) or any advanced gymnastics, and all of our workouts will last for at least 30 minutes of intense, fat-burning, heart-pumping cardio!

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