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You’ve been hearing voices, lately, haven’t you? Most likely every time you do another bicep curl, leg press or spin class. You’ve grown tired of the drone of endless rows of elliptical machines and treadmills. And results? Well, you’ve hit that “plateau” all the diet books talk about.

That’s what brought you here, in search of something new. A challenge unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Because what those voices are also telling you is that you’re ready for Ocean State CrossFit — the most intense, results based fitness program designed for athletes just like you.

Yes, we call you an athlete. To us, everyone who walks through these doors and takes that first step on a box or first press with so much as a pvc pipe, is an athlete. Because it’s about the desire to try. The willingness to push your body despite what your mind is telling you.

By design, Ocean State CrossFit allows for a broad approach to fitness. No matter what level you are, what limitations you think you have, our program allows you to gradually build up your skills, discover surprising strengths, and constantly improve the weaknesses you’ve probably been battling for years — simply because no one has ever shown you the right way to do it.

You see, so many of the routines we’ve done in the past don’t translate into real life. Let’s go back to that old bicep curl. How often do you find yourself moving your arms like that to do ANYTHIING? Unless your doing an impression of a marionette, probably never.

We teach what are referred to as FUNCTIONAL movements — skills you can use to do things like lift a heavy box, reach for something high on the shelf or even pull yourself up onto a boat next time you hit the lake. Things like pull ups, deadlifts, back squats and box jumps all help your body become conditioned to do what it was designed to do, from the ability to push up with your legs to gaining better balance.

Ocean State CrossFit offers several classes throughout the day to accommodate your schedule. Being part of a class is the key here. We don’t do your typical open gym format. Instead, you are part of the Family, working out together and not lost in your own world or reading a magazine on a machine. Members hold each other accountable.

Each class begins with a group warm up to prepare you for that days WOD (Workout of the Day). But don’t worry. No matter how long you’ve been doing CrossFit or how new you are to the program, our coaches always explain the workout and review the movements. No pop quizzes here. We won’t leave you hanging, unless it’s a hang clean with a barbell (you’ll learn about those in the future).

3... 2... 1... GO!

At Ocean State CrossFit, you are always pursuing your personal best. That is goal number one. And those who finish first? No, you don’t get cheers for “winning.” Instead, you will turn around and start cheering on those still working. Because even those who are the last to finish a WOD, they have still pushed their bodies to the limit… just as much as the first.

Some WODs are for time. Some are designed for you to do as many rounds of selected exercises as possible in 10 minutes. And some you will do with a partner, literally sharing the load and pushing each other on.

The great thing is that you don’t know what kind of WOD to expect from day to day. It is constantly varied and always fun. Even if you may have done a specific exercise before, such as pull ups, you will not have done it with the same combination of exercises before. So the varied pairing of routines and the varied intensity always keeps your body guessing. And keeps you interested.

One of the unique and effective aspects of Ocean State CrossFit is that you ALWAYS have a coach present. Whether your class has four people or fifteen, your coach is always right there in the thick of the workout, correcting your form and encouraging your achievements. So it’s like having a personal trainer at every class. Plus, you have access to them on-line to answer your questions outside the class.

Some Inside Information……

In addition to the WODs, you will continue to learn about proper nutrition and receive instruction on how to adapt it to your lifestyle and use it to get the best results possible. Because, no matter how much we teach you about kipping, lifting or mastering push-ups, it will not give you those extreme results if you are still eating the same way you always have. So, we make sure your Ocean State CrossFit experience encompasses the entire spectrum of fitness, from the inside out.

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