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A father of 3 boys and a member of OSCF since 2013.  Stu comes from an active background of competitive squash for Brown University, mountain biking, hiking and snowboarding.  In short, anything that includes competition is where he wants to be.  


Stu found Crossfit in 2013 as he was looking to prepare for his first Tough Mudder. He discovered that Crossfit gave him what he needed to train and improve at all of the sports he was passionate about. The community, the competition, the measurable results has made Crossfit a passion for Stu.  

Above all, the question to Stu has always been, “what did you do before Crossfit?” Most people are expecting to hear that there was a stepping stone of triathlons or bodybuilding.  Although he always has stayed active and he’s in the best shape of his life because of Crossfit, it goes deeper than that. Stu became interested in nutrition at a young age and found that it made a considerable difference when it came to performance.  Stu is currently working on his Nutrition and Health Coach Certification and would like to share his passion and experience to teach and communicate what has worked so well for him.  

He coaches because he loves to see people progress and help them succeed, whether it’s a lifting technique, skill work or nutritional advice.  


Crossfit Level 1 Coach


Master’s Competition Podium Finishes 

2015 Northeast Masters Classic - 2ndplace 

2015 OSCF Masters Throwdown - 3rdplace

2016 Northeast Masters Classic - 3rdplace 

2016 Crossfit 508 Team Comp – 3rdplace

2017 Northeast Masters Classic - 1stplace 

2017 OSCF Masters Throwdown – 2ndplace

2017 NEFI Competitor


Crossfit Open/ Games:

2015 – 128th worldwide

2016 –  top 300 worldwide

2017 – 30th worldwide after Qualifiers

2018 – 1s tin the Open, 6thin the Qualifier 

2018 – 5th place at CrossFit Games

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