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Manager of facility Operations & Wellness Programming

Growing up Tara played competitive soccer from the ages of 6-18. In high school she played 4 years of varsity soccer and varsity track. After high school she stopped playing competitive sports but always remained active, going to the traditional gym and playing recreational sports for fun. 


After a while Tara became bored with her traditional gym routine. She needed something new, challenging and different. She had heard of Crossfit and decided to give it a try.  In early 2012 she tried a Saturday morning partner workout at Ocean State Crossfit and was hooked. She signed up that day! In 2013 she obtained her Level 1 Certification and began coaching at OSCF. 


Tara has a Bachelors degree in psychology from the University of Rhode Island. She also has her Masters Degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology and her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies is School Psychology from Rhode Island College. 


Tara has always been passionate about helping people. She spent about 5 years working as a school psychologist. In 2013 she decided to stop working in the school and switch her focus. That is when she started coaching and personal training full time at OSCF.  Her vision is to blend her knowledge in psychology and fitness to help people achieve their goals and live an overall healthy lifestyle, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well! After all, exercise is one of the best forms of therapy!!

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